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Hi, I’m Rocke.

Rochelle Hjersman, Licensed Massage Therapist, with special certification for Neuromuscular techniques from Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, CO.

I love what I do.

I am often asked “why?” Why did I choose to be a massage therapist? The short answer is that I love massage. I love to receive massage for all of the benefits you can read about on any medical website. I feel better. I sleep better. I move better. I breathe better. I think more clearly. I feel more connected with myself. I love to be the person who puts my hands on someone with all of my learning and all of my compassion and helps that person walk out of there feeling better than when they came in.

The whole answer is a little more complex.

I’ve been pretty rough on my body. I’ve had pain. Many doctors offered a lot of “answers” over the course of nearly two decades, but none of these answers helped me to feel better.

In that time, I did a lot of research on my own. I became fascinated with the human body and the human condition. I learned a LOT about the mechanics and physiology operating in my body. I was obsessed with the puzzle of the many layers of my condition. I was suffering. I was sinking. I had lost hope.

And then out of the blue, I learned the most important thing.

With every dead end and every frustration, I was more and more inclined to believe that I was not going to get better. It hurt to hope and be disappointed again and again. Without the hope that I could get better, my body was my enemy, and the best I could do was to medicate and ignore it. The last thing I knew how to do was to give my “enemy” the compassion and care it needed. When a person’s hope is sick, it’s hard to see a clear path to anything that looks like healing.

The last doctor who cared for me, CARED for me. She didn’t presume to already have all the right answers. She had great questions. She listened compassionately to my answers. She answered MY questions, and she helped me to come up with BETTER questions. She offered new, unjaded perspective and no excuses. Fresh hope.

She didn’t insist on prescribing antidepressants so that I wouldn’t feel so bad about how bad I felt.

It didn’t happen overnight, but I got better. I am healthier now than I was twenty years ago. Of all the things that were wrong with me, the thing that turned it all around was not medication, surgery or another miracle supplement. It was healing for my HOPE.

That’s what 2.0 is all about. New perspective. Next version. Fresh hope. Handcrafted here every day.

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